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About Us

Our Story


Before Bridgeway Interactive, most of us were individuals working in the flooring industry: some of us in new home construction, some for manufacturers, some for flooring contractors, and others for flooring retailers. This is where we cut our teeth, learned the products and practices of the trade and honed our skills. In the early years, we serviced builders and operated on-site and regional design studios where our design team worked with new homebuyers to create design solutions for their new homes.

About Us

When we came together as a company, a team quickly emerged. Our mutual passion for engaging, educating and exciting new homebuyers in need of flooring and other interior finish products propelled us then and still does today.

For over 19 years, our team, products and services have grown. But at our core, we are a team dedicated to creating online solutions that support your business. We work hard, play hard and love technology. Does that make us a little geeky? Probably. And we’re ok with that!

We’re Bridgeway Interactive
and we know your business.

Let’s get to work.

Our Culture

We do things differently here at Bridgeway Interactive and it all starts with our family-style philosophy. Most of us have been part of this team for 15+ years which means we’ve built an incredible rapport and sense of community that you rarely encounter in business these days.

We laugh together and burn the midnight oil together. We share ideas, solutions, strategies (and even a nice bottle of wine now and then). Even when we have a company meal, we always order family-style, whether it’s on the menu or not.



[teem] n.

A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.


[ huhd-l] v.

To confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.

Our Culture

Our team huddles are another approach that sets us apart from other companies in our industry. We aren't living in a compound and dancing around the fire, although we do stargaze from our tent high on a hilltop in Marin, but we ARE very communal in how we do things and this level of connection and commitment from every team member shines through in the quality of our work.

“This unique “meeting of the minds” approach brings more attention to detail, more focus, and more soul into every line of code and every marketing initiative we undertake. You don’t just have one person dedicated to your project, our entire company is invested in your success.”

This translates into better and faster results for your bottom line.

Why Us

We bring it.

Advanced technology, more content, better marketing and we think you’ll like us too!

Our Culture
  • We know flooring! We understand the new homebuyer and the design studio experience! (226 years of combined industry expertise.)

  • We have it all! (The latest technology to support your business.)

  • We make it easy (Climb in the passenger’s seat or sit back and enjoy the ride. We got this so you can get back to work.)

  • We’re fun! (Car racing, fly fishing, skiing, wine caves, roller coasters, ski boats..with our clients and team. Do you have FOMO* yet?)

  • When you work with us you become part of our family and benefit from personalized service you simply can’t get anywhere else. We’re not picky, we just don’t settle for good enough. Our products and services are built to help you grow your business with our online marketing strategies that truly deliver outstanding results.

*FOMO- fear of missing out.
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