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Design Center Solutions features custom online tools designed to prepare the homebuyer for the design studio appointment and option selection process.



The DCS Homebuyer Website is an online program that engages the homebuyer in their upcoming option selection process. This powerful tool educates on products and allows them to prepare for their appointment on their own terms.

In the comfort of their own home and on their own time, homebuyers can familiarize themselves with the upcoming design studio process. They can easily preview products, view product education and design videos, explore lifestyle and style quizzes to develop a personal design profile and visualize a variety of products with the Virtual Room Designer; all leading to an enjoyable, productive and efficient design studio meeting.



Bridgeway Interactive offers our builder and contractor members the ability to efficiently manage their appointment process in a way that reduces cost, enables homebuyers to set their appointments at the time of contract, ensures consistent communication to all involved. And, it is simple and easy to use!

There are hundreds of options available to customize the design center information, designer information, appointment parameters, verifications and reminders and much more. However, we make this easy because we understand your business and can quickly and easily set up the custom online appointment program that is ideal for your homebuyers.

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CARE + Maintenance

Home maintenance can feel like a daunting chore - it can be intimidating to think about the various tasks in order to keep a home looking its best. But knowing exactly what to do and when to do it can leave us all scratching our heads. Not everything in our home gives us a clear indicator that it is time to be cleaned or replaced, such as your fire alarm’s low battery warning chirps that seem to start in the middle of the night.

The Care and Maintenance website includes the essential care information as well as access to manufacturer warranties. Homeowners can watch helpful maintenance videos and utilize the stain guide. Additionally, the Maintenance Manager provides yearly and seasonal tips for proper home maintenance and provides assistance to homeowners for registering their products and accessing warranty coverage requirements.